Road Approved Scooters

Road Approved Scooters

Evoking ST20

Do you want a flexible alternative vehicle to public transport? As a modern futuristic e-scooter, the Evoking ST20 all wheel drive offers everything in a scooter that is designed to go on the road. Gain freedom riding to and from work, without getting stuck in traffic jams and avoid parking problems. The Evoking ST20 has speed and styling equipped with a comfortable seat, mirrors, horn and a powerful output of 2000 watts. This scooter offers zero emissions and is enviromentally friendly offering zero emissions.

All-Wheel Drive- Dual Motors

The Evoking ST20 has dual electric motors which drives both wheels. The powerful motors drive both wheels especially when that extra power is needed to get away.With a power output of 2000 watts, you can reach a speed of up to 27mph and cover a distance of 27 miles on one charge.

The New way to commute

Micromobility is the future of travel, and it is become clearer why electric scooters are a great way to commute. With The ST20 and having road approval, you can enjoy the freedom of cruising to work, University, College without having to pay for the cost of travel. No fuel, no road tax, makes the ST20 the perfect travel companion. You can rely on this scooter to get you around. With its easy folding function, within seconds the scooter can be folded and carried in a car or van. The maximum riders weight is up to 120 kg. The ST20 benefits from a comfortable seat,large foot plate and great handling. The ST20 has some serious power,so safety is most important.

Maintenance free

Gone are the days of petrol scooters, as they new Electric scooters are maintenance free. That means you have the assurance your scooter does not require expensive repairs and maintenance. The modern style design, and build gives the driver total confidence to commute freely without worry. The powerful hub driver motors along with the tyres grip the road brilliantly giving a fantastic ride.

Alu fork and swingarm

In addition to its powerful drive, the road-approved e-scooter convinces with a low dead weight of only 45 kilograms. This is due to the lightweight construction of the scooter, fork and swingarm are made of robust aluminium. The light metal combines a light weight with high durability, so that you can enjoy your e-scooter for many years to come. The other vehicle parts are also made of robust materials, with which you can travel safely even in wind and weather

What is the ST20 Made of ? What is the weight?

The construction of the scooter fork and swing arms are made of robust aluminium. The weight of the scooter is 41kg. The foot plate which allows both feet to be placed comfotably, is made of solid wood. The scooter build is of high durability and is made to last for many years. These scooters are designed so you can travel safely in all weathers.

All round braking -Disc brakes front and rear

As the ST20 has road approval, the braking system is very important. The disc brakes front and rear give total control over braking, making sure you can stop safely. Coupled with 13×5.00-6 E4 (12inch), helps give great stability on the road surfaces to implement safe braking.

Reliable and powerful lithium ion battery

The 48-volt battery based on 20 Ah lithium ions is the heart of the electric drive. For the battery, you can charge it externally, for example via a power outlet in your garage or bicycle storage. The range of the battery is up to 30 kilometers, depending on the load of the scooter, the driving load and the general road conditions. If necessary, the battery can be changed very easily to get back to full charging capacity for longer journeys.

How to charge?

The ST20 runs with excellent battery performance, consisting of a 48-volt Lithium battery -20 Ah. Charging is easy. Plug in the charging point to the scooter, and then plug the other end into a wall socket. Charge time is approx 6-8 hours. The charge will change from red to gree, to indicate it is fully charged. You can coviently charge the sccoter in your house, in a garage, or anywhere where access to a wall socket is available.
Insurance provded by- Quote our dealers code G4292

Why a Road Legal Electric Scooter is Ideal for Commuters

Many of our customers ask us is their such a thing as a road legal electric scooter. Yes their is and E-RoadRunner is one of them. Road legal electric scooters have been in the UK since 2010. Most of our customers are interested in using their electric scooters for commuting to work on. Here’s a round up of some of the reasons why you should invest in E-RoadRunner.

Upfront investment

Although there is an initial upfront investment cost to buying E-RoadRunner,over the long term, your scooter more than pays for itself.

If in the past you’ve owned and driven a car,taken public transport the savings can be massive. Firstly there is no petrol/diesel, no insurance and no road tax needed. You do need to pay around £55.00 to register your scooter with the DVLA initally so that you can use it on the roads. However at ESC we provide this service for you. the only thing you will need to do is get a number plate made,(Halfords do this for a cost of around £15)

Within a few months, our customers who have switched from a car/Public transport for commuting to E-RoadRunner have found the scooter has already paid for itself in money saved. This is a better option to own your scooter outright, than to hire on a day to day basis.


Of course an electric scooter uses electric for its power, and inevitably needs charging. How often you will need to charge it depends on how far you travel on it, the terrain (smooth/bumpy roads) and your own weight.

The 1000W E-RoadRunner can travel for up to 30 miles before it needs recharging. Reaching a speed of up to 28 mph.

Travelling with your charger is always a good idea in case you need to charge the scooter up whilst at work.

The Folding of the E-RoadRunner allows it to be transported in a car or van, however in most cases, it is easier to leave the scooter in the riding position.


We love that our customers can ride E-RoadRunner legally anywhere on the road, and not consider picking up hefty fines for riding an illegal scooter. The freedom to be able to ride where and when you want is amazing.


The E-RoadRunner folds up really easily, saving a lot of room when it’s not in use.This scooter is built for the road, so it is heavy weighing in at 45kg. The fact it is heavy makes riding the scooter very stable and steady.


With an adjustable seat that is nice to sit on, and a board for your feet, it’s a comfortable, smooth machine to sit on as you commute to work and back. E-RoadRunner comes equipped front and back LED lights so people can see you in the dark. We advise you still to wear safety gear, a helmet and bright clothing to stand out.

The easy step to folding

If you need to fold the ST20, this can be done in really simple steps. The Easy-Fold function, requires no great effort for folding in and opening the scooter

Fold the seat down


Pull out the safety pin.


Pull the handle down.

This works great if you need to fold in your house, where space is limited. It also works well, when you want to take the ST20 away in a car or van.
With these simple steps, theST20 can be significantly reduced in size and can be easily stored. When the ST20 is in the out position, the dimensions are 1370 x 660 x 1340mm

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